“A girl should be two things:  who and what she wants.”

- Coco Channel

About us

Inner Wings, A Confidence Building Foundation, located in London, UK, is a charitable foundation established by Melissa & Darren Roos. Inner Wings aims at building confidence, courage and bravery in young girls aged 6 to 12 around the world through a wide range of available programmes and events. We will continuously be introducing new programmes and events, such as book launches, mentoring and role modelling, so please keep an eye on our website or follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn for updates.
The global gender imbalance remains a real challenge and our hope is that Inner Wings will contribute to fix it.



Our mission at Inner Wings is to create the next generation of women by building confidence and bravery in young girls aged 6 to 12 everywhere; with a view to achieving 50/50 leadership roles in organisations across all different industries in the future. 

By offering young girls the tools to put into their “confidence toolbox”, they can develop their confidence through activities, workshops, events, reading, fun and games. As a result, when they become young women, their own inner wings are not just visible on the inside, but will also make an impact on the world around them with wings on the outside to propel them. Only by doing this one child, one community and one generation at a time, can we leave a legacy for all girls around the world to know that they all have the magic inside of them to find those wings of confidence and do whatever their hearts desire and whatever their wildest dreams can imagine.  

We will change the world with one confident girl and one empowered woman at a time!


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