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My colleague and I both taught Finding Your Superpower lessons yesterday and it was a huge success. The pupils were very engaged and the handbook was super easy to follow.

- Deputy Head Teacher, Scotland

Following the Finding Your Superpower programme, several children are now working in line with expectations for their IQ as they have a more positive view of their abilities and are more confident.

- Nurture Lead, Northern Ireland

I enjoyed the progression of the programme. Allowing the pupils to develop and think about their own superpowers confidently in the group.

- Principal Teacher, Scotland

More children were putting their hands up as the sessions went on so you could see that the programme was having a positive impact on the pupils.

- Year 3 Teacher, Wales

Mum has seen a massive improvement since we have been doing Inner Wings. She is more confident, has grown into herself more and is more settled in her own body. She is able to be proud of her uniqueness.

- Year 3 Teacher, England

We're on a mission... build confidence and bravery in children aged 6 to 12, especially girls, with a view to achieving gender equality in leadership roles across all different industries in the future.

How do we do this?

Inner Wings’ main focus is to bring free confidence-building programmes to schools across the UK. Finding Your Superpower helps children to develop a growth mindset and realise their unique potential. Finding Your Voice gives children the skills and confidence to share their unique voice and improve their public speaking skills. We also offer confidence-building resources for children and parents to use together at home.

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