Inner Wings offers free confidence-building programmes to primary schools across the UK. Our programmes help young children to develop a growth mindset, realise their unique potential and improve their public speaking skills. We already have over 120 partner schools across the UK and more than 10,000 children graduated the first programme in our confidence-building series in our first academic year. We'd love to have your school join our confidence-building movement!


  1. Free and inclusive

  2. Interactive and engaging 45-minute sessions delivered by teachers

  3. Includes free teacher training and a comprehensive handbook

  4. Designed with input from teachers, psychologists and life coaches

  5. Flexible to use for entire classes or as an interventionist approach for children needing it the most

  6. In line with Personal and Social Education Frameworks

After delivering Finding Your Superpower with a few classes this year, we’re planning to incorporate the programme into our whole school rolling programme for Health and Wellbeing for next year.

- Year 5 Teacher, Scotland

Lucy is now happy to play with others more readily and no longer comes to school crying and worrying everyday.

- Teacher

I really had a lot of fun doing the superpower stuff because I got to talk about what I am good at
and also the games are a lot of fun.

- Year 5 Student, Scotland

My boys loved it! They looked forward to it every Wednesday. And I’m personally thankful that
Max now believes his superpower is reading (vs playing MTG).

- Parent, North London

The children saw in themselves an improved confidence, appreciation for themselves and proudness for who they are, and celebrating their differences that make them unique.

- Year 3 Teacher, England

The girls look forward to our sessions and enjoy being part of them. One girl in particular has
really opened up during the sessions and is talking more openly about how she feels; she
struggles to interact socially and talk about her emotions, so this has definitely improved.

- Principal Teacher, Scotland

The key is teaching children to see challenges as opportunities and not letting their fears stop them, in public speaking or anywhere else! These are key components of developing and sustaining a growth mindset.

- Ilaria Magagnoli, Finding Your Voice designer, psychologist and coaching professional


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