Finding Your Superpower


A 5 week online mini-series

Our first Inner Wings mini-series has launched on Wednesday 3rd February! 

Designed by accomplished mindset and peak performance coach Ciara Banerji, Finding Your Superpower will teach your kids to find their unique superpowers and have the confidence to share it with the world! Whether it is activism, astrology or acting, your children will learn to invest their time focusing on their unique strengths and start developing a growth mindset.

The Details

  • There are 5 sessions, watch a recording later on the Inner Wing’s website or YouTube channel or on this page.
  • Each session is around 10 minutes to ensure your child stays engaged and energized. 
  • The programme is open to anyone, but specifically targets children aged 6 to 11 years old.

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Watch the mini-series


Session 1 - What is a superpower?

Our first Inner Wings mini-series has launched on Wednesday 3rd February where we learnt what a superpower is! 

Session 2 - Connecting to your feelings

In session 2, we will be showing your child how they can connect to their feelings and practice embodiment! When your child can recognise how an activity makes them feel, rather than questioning whether they are good at it or not, they will be able to spend more time focusing on their unique superpowers, becoming a confident individual and opening up the pathway to happiness. 

Session 3 - Connecting to your body

In session 3 we will be showing your child how they can connect to their body to discover their superpowers. 

Session 4 - SuPErpower PE session

In session 4 we will be having a PE session to get you active, healthy and fun while discovering your superpower!

Session 5 - Final session

In session 5 we will bring all that we learnt in the previous sessions and show you the ripple effect. You will need a bowl of water and a coin or pebble, something that doesn't float.


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