Finding Your Voice Programme

Finding Your Voice is a public speaking programme that gives children the tools and skills to verbally convey a message, from one-to-one exchanges to large audiences. Through a leading public speaking approach and underpinned with evidence-based psychological insights, children will be given the confidence and practice to share their unique voice over eight engaging and interactive sessions.

The programme helps children to:

  • Learn and practise strategies to build confidence in their coping skills when faced with new challenges outside of their comfort zone
  • Develop strong internal belief that they are all good communicators in their own authentic way
  • Value feedback - by practising to give and receive constructive feedback - and celebrate each new step, trying out new things

The key is teaching children to see challenges as opportunities and not letting their fears stop them, in public speaking or anywhere else! These are key components of developing and sustaining a growth mindset.

- Ilaria Magagnoli, Finding Your Voice designer, psychologist and coaching professional

Everything you need to know:

  • Free and inclusive

  • Interactive and engaging 45-minute sessions delivered by teachers

  • Includes free teacher training and a comprehensive handbook

  • Designed with input from teachers, psychologists and life coaches

  • Flexible to use for entire classes or as an interventionist approach for children needing it the most

  • In line with Personal and Social Education Frameworks


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