How Do Mermaids Poo?

This story is about two girls named Francesca and Ila. After a silly discussion over lunch about ‘how mermaids poo?’, they decide to join forces for their school assignment where they have to write a poem that only questions – their topic is about ‘how mermaids poo?’. The girls are worried that their teacher will not like their assignment because the question appeared quite silly. Instead, she loves it! There is a clear lesson from the teacher: the girls used their imagination to question the world around them. The girls and class learn a valuable lesson on the importance of thinking differently and questioning what they know in a way to build confidence and explore the world with big thinking and inquisitive minds.

Key information


Age group

5-10 year olds


Reading time

7-8 minutes



Confidence, bravery


"The world is only as big and as magical as your imagination!"

Reading aid

To help you discuss the book with your child 

ASK YOUR CHILD, “Do you have any obstacles you thought you could not overcome?”

PROMPT THEM TO think about asking different types of questions.  

ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD, “To think about taking a treasure hunt.  Each question is a clue to the journey they can take to something bigger in the world”

ASK YOUR CHILD, “What have you thought about asking lately but didn’t because you thought it was silly?”

ASK YOUR CHILD, “Do you have the confidence to ask unique questions? What is the most unique thought you heard today at school? What have you seen today that you have questions about”.

EXPLORE new ideas with your child by looking around the garden, the street, the sky and ask big questions to allow their minds to grow and explore.


Word puzzle

Download and play

Explore the main concepts and themes of the book by downloading and finding all the words in this puzzle!

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