Kick Like a Girl

Francesca is a young girl who wants to play football in the park with the boys. But will they let her?  When she’s told that girls can’t play football, Francesca leaves the park feeling sad and believing that girls and boys can’t do the same things. That is, until her mum steps in with wonderful stories of famous women who were brave, strong, and had the self-confidence to achieve their goals. After hearing these stories, will Francesca, along with her friend Ila, find bravery and her inner confidence to challenge the boys to a football match? 

This book is designed to remind young girls and boys everywhere that they are strong, brave, and that with confidence, dreams really can come true!


Key information


Age group

5-7 year olds


Reading time

15 minutes



Courage, bravery


"Girls can do anything,

if they want it badly enough."

Reading aid

To help you discuss the book with your child 

ASK YOUR CHILD, “Do you have any obstacles you thought you could not overcome?”

PROMPT THEM TO be inspired about overcoming fear and about building confidence in themselves.  

ASK YOUR CHILD, “Do you know what inner confidence means?”

ASK YOUR CHILD, “Have you ever done anything you are proud of that you were scared at first to do? Do you think of games or toys that you have been told you can’t play with because they are for boys or for girls?”

Encourage your child to explore new activities and interests outside the norm.

Ensure your child feels empowered and encouraged to build self confidence.


Word puzzle

Download and play

Explore the main concepts and themes of the book by downloading and finding all the words in this puzzle!

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